Installation Quickstart

- Step 1: Find and Unzip the file and find the file

- Step 2: Upload file on server via CPanel and unzip to folder Quick_start

- Step 3: Start installation by typing your URL to the directory you have placed Quick_start files. The installation page should be appeared as normal Joomla! installation
(Ex: localhost/ [directory name] /installation/index.php or domain name/ [directory name] /installation/index.php)  


img Add site name (Ex: Enar)

img Add administrator email address

img Add username (Ex: admin)

img Add Password (Ex: admin)

img Repeat Password (Ex: admin)

img Click next


img Add server hostname (Ex: localhost)

img Add username of host

img Enter password of host

img Add database name (Ex: enar)

imgClick next


imgSelect Default English (GB) Sample Data and click on Install Sample Data

img Click Install


imgRemove installation folder

img Click Administrator

- Step 4: Login into your administrator panel using username and password you have given (Ex: admin / admin)

- Step 5: Change password with User Manager (Site - User Manager)

- Step 6: We advice you to set all directory permission to 755 and files permission to 644 via Cpanel or FTP


Installation Template

- Step 1: Download Joomla latest Version From and Install it.

- Step 2: Download and Unzip the file and find the file

- Step 3: Login into your joomla administrator panel

- Step 4: install file from Extensions->Extension Manager


- Step 5: Make Jakiro theme as a default template from Extensions-> Template Manager


Configuration's template